Monday, January 2, 2012

2012: Things To Rock Out With

New years resolutions and I are casual friends. We see each other every now and then, make plans for the future, promise to stay in touch and promptly move on until the following January. There’s nothing personal- it’s just a casual thing.

2011 was a pretty epic year for this lady. I returned to study, changed jobs, got married and trained for, and subsequently passed, derby tryouts. It was a year of juggling priorities, baking ridiculous amounts of cake and running round pretending to be a velociraptor (best not to ask). Good times. 

Photo by Beata English
So, instead of a casual new years resolution, I am making a list of a few awesome things that would help to make 2012 epic. So in no particular order:
  • Sew myself a new wardrobe. Time to make clothes that fit and develop some style.
  • Make macaroons. Awesome ones. Not those floppy failed ones that taste delicious but look a little like squashed bugs. Oh and make crossiants.
  • Take a photo a day of my life. No more camera fear!
  • Finish the paper work and start training to volunteer at the children’s ward. Time to brighten some days.
  • Schedule regular date nights with the husband. Epic marriage win!
  • Travel. Overseas, interstate, locally- I won’t mind.
  • Read. Lots.
Photo by Beata English
So there is my “awesome things” list for 2012. Pretty swish, I think!

Gentle readers, do you have some awesome things aka resolutions for the new year? If so, please share! I’m keen to see what other people are aiming for in 2012. I’m nosy like that…


Naughty shorts! said...

Hello!@! can't wait to see more from you and your blog. Shaping up to be a goody - me thinks. Is that my dress in your top picture?? Bec x

ReadyThreadSew said...

I know you've already read mine, and I think yours are great. I do have some other non-sewing related things I'd like to do this year, such as eating a lot healthier but I wanted to keep my blogged resolutions sewing related. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog in 2012 (I added it to my reader yesterday).

Amanda said...

Thanks so much, Bec!

And it is indeed an epic Naught Shorts number from early last year. I absolutely adore it and wear it everywhere :D

Amanda said...

We'll have to keep any eye on each other's resolutions, RTS! I'm sure 2012 is going to be awesome!

LeighAnn said...

Found your website via Sew Weekly's StephC. Following you. Can't wait to watch you sew a new wardrobe. That's a constant hope for me but I can only get a few projects in for myself because my two little ones steal away my time and effort.

Amanda said...

Hi LeighAnn- thanks for following along on this mad hatter's journey! I definitely would have trouble getting any sewing done with two tiny people so I tip my hat to you! We can encourage each other along the way :D

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