Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gingerly Moving On

Good eve, gentle readers!

It's been crazy busy at Chez Bimble & Pimble today and some of that has been to do with a new project I'm working on.

There have been some moments of absolute win.

And then there were moments of epic failure.

And there were moments that were The Muppets movie. Yup. I laughed harder and louder than any of the kids in the cinema. 

Magic times!


Join me tomorrow to head down the yellow brick road to Ginger!


Kat said...

ooh I love the shoes and the large check fabric! I can't wait for tomorrow to see more.

handmadeheather said...

Excited to see how ginger turns out!

Amanda said...

Thanks Kat and Heather!
I just had to have these shoes (how could I not?) and I'm feeling a definite dorothy vibe going on!
Shall share the wins and fails with you tonight :D

Symon said...

OOOoooooh those shoes are super fabulous!! They're gonna look awesome with Blue Checked Ginger! :D

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