Tuesday, January 3, 2012

In the Summer Time

It is hot.

Like crazy, face melting off your noggin hot.

On the road again!

It’s time for road trips, BBQs, gin and chilling in the shade with a book. Days like this belong in summer…

BBQ Time

The reason I bring this up is today was RTW Day. Nope, not Ready To Wear Day though that would have been rather fine. This RTW Day is far scarier. It lurks hidden around corners and pounces on unsuspecting vacationers just as they find their groove with the aforementioned gin, BBQs and road trips.

This terrifying RTW Day is actually… Return To Work Day! It’s hideous! So hideous in fact this is what it looked like being back at work for an hour. It was like I never had left. Bleck.

It's like I never left...

But the kicker was the temperature today. I’m a Queensland girl at heart and grew up on the coast. I’m cold if it falls below 25° and can wear jeans most of the year. And then today happened. Really, Canberra. RTW Day and you throw me a 34° after two months of summer trying to even crack 25°? Blergh. I have never been less prepared for a summer wardrobe than this year.

As I sat wilting in the office, huddled over curriculum documents and rocking out to David Bowie it came to me… Summer sewing time! And here is what I am thinking…

Need summer clothes

I’m going to knock together a couple of the Colette Sewing Handbook’s Taffy blouses in various light weight fabrics (I was already planning this for a Japanese lawn but I also have some left over wedding dress silk) and then some cotton Beignet in plain colours to mix and match. Light weight, sassy and professional. Winner!

I got stuck into the first Taffy blouse this evening and it is moving along rather zestily and I hope to have it finished for Friday at work. And in the spirit of needing lightweight clothing, I’m thinking this weekend will be 2012: A Summer Sewing Odyssey. There will totally be chimps and a building musical crescendo. Just with less smashing of things and more of bringing me frosty G&Ts…

Summer sewing

So over to y’all- what are your essentials for a summer wardrobe? 


ReadyThreadSew said...

As I'm in the UK my summer wardrobe has to consist of everything from airy, sleeveless dresses (for the two hot days we get) to sweaters and woolly tights!

Amanda said...

Oh dear! That weather sounds even less predictable than Canberra. Though more months of wearing tights would be awesome!

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