Thursday, January 19, 2012

Monster Skirt Jr.

This post shall be done in haiku. But without the neat references to nature and stuffs. Cause that takes brain power and my head is all mooshy this late. But, whatevs, bring on the haiku!

The first Jenny skirt
Was cut to my correct size
Made a monster skirt.

Now two sizes down
It's cut and pinned and sewed up
Whilst watching new Glee.

Glee Prep

Side note for a sec
This ep was so totes awesome
Loved the Grease number!

Back to this cursed skirt
This muslin sewed up quite fast
Now time to reveal.

Monster Jr

It's two sizes down
And still pouchy at the thighs
Should be a quick fix.

But look at the side
The waist is still way too big
Side seams might come in?

Side Monster Jr

This sizing is odd.
It's named Monster Skirt Jr.
Sad skirt is quite sad.

Sad Skirt

Tomorrow I'll look
At ways to fix this skirt up
Fingers crossed for me!


Kat said...

bahaha I have not read that many haikus since school. Nice work! Your definitely getting there on the skirt. Can't wait to see how you go tomorrow.

Amanda said...

I'm always about the haikus- so much fun in so few lines! I've had some success with skirt muslin tonight. Stay tuned!

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