Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Slow and Steady Spots

After a self-imposed sewing sabbatical yesterday (10 hour work day + sinus infection = sleepy) I am back, baby! And I am sure y'all missed me. So today I bring you my slow and steady approach to sewing. Weird for me, I know!

First off, we have a sassy yoke that has been carefully pressed within an inch of its life sporting some fabulous edge-stitching. And for some reason that sentence makes me think of cheesy fashion shows, so that's where I'm going to go with this... This yoke likes a firm press with an iron, sitting upon shoulders and looking fabulous at the end of summer.

Spotty Collar

Next we have a long shot of the spotty bodice. Note the sassy placing of the spots- this says summery but also whimsical. But don't be rushing out for one of these just yet- it's only the front piece *canned laughter*

Bodice Start

To finish is a close up of the start of the bodice. The gathering stitches took two attempts and almost a whole episode of a trashy TV show to complete. These well gathered stitched enjoy careful handling and basting in place before stitching securely in place...

Gathering Closeup

And for those who are all "Valentines Day = blergh" please switch off now... *epic musak most likely Girl from Ipanema

The husband and I are not V day peeps but today he surprised me with the loveliest card and awesome necklace to celebrate our 109 day wedding anniversary. Well played, Mr Bimble and Pimble. Well played... And here is a (dodgy) pic of the necklace. 

Spotty Pencil

How cute is this?! It's a tiny pencil and ruler! I was so inspired I changed my outfit to highlight it and wore my poor old Meh Dress which after some slight adjustments fits better. It's taken Meh Dress to Nice Pink Dress. Win!


readythreadsew said...

Need to see Nice Pink Dress - I like seeing Mehs turn into Wins.

One tip for gathering that I found online a couple of years ago and is one of the best things I have ever learned - don't use a long stitch and loose tension, use a *short* stitch (I sometimes go as tiny as a 1mm stitch) and loose tension. Makes much nicer, easier to control gathers.

Amanda said...

I shall endeavour to get some photos this weekend, RTS. It is still not epic but it is less foldy around the bust.

And thank you so much for the hot gathering tip- I'm going to try it on the lining!

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